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A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe

A single artwork and an accompanying reading room together compose the exhibition, A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe: An Intergalactic Reading Room.


It Will Come Like a Wave (2019) as an artwork is as much of an inward landscape as it is an otherworldly garden. Veronique, who is currently living in Toronto, Ontario was inspired by the Zen gardens of Japan. Like traditional zen gardens, this one has elements of water, stone and plant-life. These elements combine to create the essence or feeling of nature, but not to recreate nature itself. Each time Véronique offers the viewer something recognizable she places another object a little more real or a little less fake nearby. This landscape has been designed to provoke deep reflection and meditation.

Situated alongside It Will Come Like a Wave is a collection of science fiction compiled in an intergalactic, intersectional, trans-inclusive feminist reading room.  These stories make space for open, lively worlds beyond the one we inhabit and help us to reflect upon our own.  A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe: An Intergalactic Reading Room offers multiple imaginaries that speculate the possibility of manifold futures. It Will Come Like a Wave plays host to writings that reconstruct the present, imagining what may come from environmental, social and political change in the future. 

The artwork arrives in Durham after being exhibited in Montreal, Mississauga and Toronto. Each version of the installation varies from the previous: the arrangements are altered to suit their current location. In this way, the unfolding landscape is the same and utterly different for each iteration. Navigating through the garden causes one to slow their pace, to acknowledge the vulnerability of the fabricated environment in the Gallery, of our greater environment, of oneself, and of each other.  It is for this reason, that we are honoured to pair Words Aloud Words and Storytelling Festival with A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe.

I gratefully acknowledge the operating support from the Ontario Arts Council a, with additional project support from Heritage Canada's Arts Presentation Grant.

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Véronique Sunatori


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Presented as part of Words Aloud, Spoken Word and Storytelling Festival

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