Fabulous Festival

of Fringe Film July 28, 2018


program title: 

this is (not) a true story


Andrea Dorfman,Big Mouth
Jerome Havre, Cauleen Smith, Camille Turner,Triange Trade
Munro Ferguson, How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly
Asinnajaq, Three Thousand 
Lisa Jackson, The Visit
Christina Battle, Tracking Sasquatch
Alison S.M Kobayahi, Do Good
Joele Walinga,Cave Small Cave Big
Amanda Dawn Christie, Resurgo!

Philip Eddols, Git Gob

School-aged Elijah and adult-aged Jaclyn are co-curating a program for the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film together. Through their cross-generational collaboration, they have been discussing a phrase used in the schoolyard: “the real truth.” This phrase looms in the shadow of our post-truth era and implies that truth is something sticky and pliable that happens in degrees, possibly ranging from fake to real. 


The films in this program blur fact with fiction through narrative or style.  Sometimes this blurring is employed as a strategy to shed light on a more significant truth and other times does so as a humorous ploy or gag. Some of the films use compilations of the "real" to create a fiction or stylistically expose their own fiction.