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this, then

We draw borders, construct boxes, and anchor our experience with language in an attempt to formulate a this, a then, and a now— to point to a here or a there. Through these divisions of space and time, we not only make sense of our world, but also find out corner within it. How do we share the world? What binds us to our place and time in history? At which point does our personal history detach from or join the collective? 


Rather than defining borders and boundaries, the works that compose this, then complicate rigid constructs to posit new possibilities of being-in-the-world. The selected works address acts of transition, translation, and becoming though distinct concepts and formal methods. 

Gallery / 

Art Gallery of Ontario


Artists / 

Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand,

Ira Elshansky,

Selini Halvadaki,

Elizabeth Ho,

Rui Hu,

Lisa Truttman,

Eve Van Tongeren


Role / 

Guest Producer with Sara England and Daniel McIntyre


Year / 



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