When the garage doors rolled up in April 2009, 47 was used as an alternative

exhibition space for large-scale sculptural and installation-based works. 47 was

initiated not only to challenge artists, allowing it to affect their practices, but also

to question the relationships that revolve around art. The accessible space

empowered the viewer and provoked clever intellect and emotion. In a sense, the 18 exhibitions that were held at 47 were individual parts of one larger, longer exhibition that aimed to address the physical space of the gallery. Each artwork installed has left a permanent mark on the architecture of the building. 


At 47 art could breathe without pretence and artists could exhibit without costs.

Month to month 47 has changed, successfully evolving with the work. Your

support has been paramount throughout this process.


Care to take our place? Hot potato pass it on.

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Artists / 

Philippe Blanchard,

Sarah Cullen and Simon Pope,

db Johnson,

Dennis Lin,

Jennifer McGregor,

Leigh-Ann Pahapill,

Luke Painter,

Jaclyn Quaresma,

Stephen Richards,

Cheryl Rondeau,

Rob Southcott,

Erin Trezise and Megan Blandford Lewis

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2009 - 2010

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