This paper contests two major themes that arise from the nomination of the Anthropocene: the designation of the human as a newly geologic entity and the implication of a collective human body as both the impactors of geomorphic change and impacted by these changes. I consider the title of the newest geologic age as one that washes over all of humanity, erasing difference and placing responsibility, or perhaps more strongly, blame, on an imagined whole. In a reflection on the prehistoric, I investigate “the geologic” as one earthly condition that can be extended to both the human and object, putting forth the notion of the human-as-already-geologic.


In order to investigate two assumptions made by the Anthropocene, this essay is divided into two strata. The upper layer, or main body, of the essay, explores the idea of the human-as-already-geologic alongside the work of Kathryn Yusoff. The substratum, or footnotes, push forward the notion of the human-as-plural, influenced by Hannah Arendt's notion of plurality, as a way to conceptualize a human that is multiple and inclusive of difference without erasing the varying degrees of agency, impact, and responsibility of certain marginalized populations in the Anthropocene. The footnote, or substratum, notations are in the subscript and may be read separately as a second essay. The endnote notations are placed in superscript and in square brackets. This format mimics the striations of the earth’s surface and subsurface levels in order to emphasize the inequalities that often go unnoticed, and remain beneath the surface of scientific and humanist inquiry.    


Companion Piece is comprised of a glossary and map that accompanies the exhibition for there are many stories here. The map outlines the connections between, with and through keywords relating to the artist works, subjects, and themes explored in the exhibition.There are two narrative structures that centre the map. The left is based on a feminist model, the right is a based on a patriarchal model. The glossary connects the key terms to their theoretical underpinnings.

glossary coming soon 

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